Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Goal for the Month of May

The goal for the month of May is to get my grocery budget for the whole month under $400 while eating Gluten-Free. It will most definitely be a challenge. I spent almost double that for the month of April, but I had to stock up ingredients for my pantry and fill my freezer with meat.

I have been scouring websites to duplicate Gluten-Free Bisquick... There are so many recipes for pancake mix out there that my head is spinning. Most people recommend buying a certain brand rather than making the mix yourself... The only problem with that is the mix is over $20 at my grocery store... I think I'm going to have to hit the bulk bins at the health food store.

Bread that I can eat is easily $4 to $5 a loaf (and the loaves are very small). So I'll have to figure out just what I need and portion it out throughout the month. It seems that I can't get out of the store for less than $40 anymore!

The additional part of the challenge is that I have to include my husband's tastes in my shopping list. He eats GF main meals when he is with me at home, but he does love his chips and ice-cream and soda. I don't get paid again for another week, so I'll be planning out my menu this week and will be scouring the Internet for coupons on the stuff I like to buy.

I think I'm going to try my hand at growing herbs in the house again... I didn't have much luck last time, but I think Noni got into the plants. This requires a lot more investment of my time but after the plants are established, will save me money. I sent Aaron to the store to get some flat-leaf parsley and he came back with limp curly parsley... I was very disappointed... I just have to figure out where they will live in the house. We don't have the best light, so I'll have to have a grow light for the plants...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Challenges and Progress

My gluten-free diet has presented some challenges, but it has given me some progress. I have noticed that I am slowly losing weight now that my body can metabolize my food properly. My allergies are down to about 15-25% of what they were. I'm sneaking dairy in here and there, and my doctor feels that could be why my allergies haven't reduced even further... I guess I'll be weaning myself off cheese, since that is what I have been sneaking.

We are planning on going to the Reno Air Races this September and we already have our hotel booked. It didn't hit me until today that I need to research gluten-free restaurant options in Reno. First thing tomorrow, I need to call the hotel and see if they have gluten-free options available. I really hate having to bring my own food on vacation, but I will if I have to. It might get challenging (and boring) because the hotel where we are staying won't have a kitchenette. If I can't find a gluten-free restaurant, I'll need to find a store that sells gluten-free food. I'll need to plan ahead and bring my insulated lunch box to pack snacks for the air races anyway. I doubt that the vendors at the races will have gluten-free options for food.

Another thought just hit me... My favorite thing at air shows is funnel cake.... sad.... apple slices probably won't be nearly as satisfying, but they will be healthier... Maybe I'll lose some more weight by then and will get to reward myself by hitting the malls and doing some shopping! That just might make up for not getting to eat funnel cake...